Ultimate PPC Management For Agency


More Conversion


Budget Saving


Less Time Spent

“The true value of an agency is providing more values towards client's business objectives” - Kofera

Save Time

  • Build Effective campaign in few minute
  • Optimise million of keywords with single clicks
  • Stock and error page monitoring

Save Money

  • Identify most profitable keywords
  • Optimise campaign for ROI in near real-time
  • Generate awesome report in few clicks

Ecommerce PPC ROI

Industry Optimise Campaign for ROI, Not for Clicks!

Ecommerce PPC ROI

Its not how many visitor or conversion that matters, its how effective is your campaign to deliver healthy ROI for your business!

Kofera Smart Algorithm (KSA) helps you find the most effective keywords and define how much you need to spend to get the most of your budget.

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Ultimate PPC Platform for Ecommerce

We Understand Agency!

Ultimate PPC Platform for Ecommerce

Forget about complicated PPC management platform that take months to learn and integrate. Kofera take it elegantly with only few click integration and require no training or certification for PPC specialist.

We also understand the nature of agency, no more over budget, no more under spent, our KSA algorithm will take care of that for you without sacrificing clients campaign performance.

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Our Unique Features

Agency Command Center

PPC Specialist Role & Permission

ROI Optimization & Calculator

Semantic Keywords Generator

Clients Spending Benchmark

Negative Keywords Finder

Error Page Handling

Painless Integration

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