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Kofera helps you configure finely-tuned campaigns and make the most of every dollar you spend
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Build thousand campaigns with millions keywords in a few clicks. Our semantic ad builder technology will help you generate relevant ad in no time, no matter what vertical you are on!


Stop doing manual repetitive tasks for your campaign! Kofera will help you to optimize the campaign in near real-time using our holistic machine learning algorithm.


Stop missing important insights from your campaign data. We help to visualize campaign data so you can make best decision for your business!


  • Since we are into the details, managing multiple clients requires a lot of resources. I am confident Kofera will help us to scale up our business with their advanced automation and intelligent algorithm. We expect Kofera will saves our time and allow us to be more efficient and increase our performance for clients.
    Aditya Jamaludin, Head of Marketing, aCommerce Indonesia
  • Kofera offers comprehensive technology to manage, maintain and improve overall performance of SEM. We will be able to dedicate our time to improve other areas in our business.
    Angky Yan Pramudya, GM Marketing,
  • We’re happy to be invited to Kofera’s demo day. Kofera provide tailored solution for E-commerce like luxola, that is managing hundred campaign and million of products. It will maximise our advertising effort and give us good Return on Investment.
    Andra Winatama, Digital Marketing,


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Industry Best Practice

You don’t need to be an expert or hire expensive consultant to run successful campaign. Kofera helps you automate your campaign so you can spending your time where it matters most.

We combine years of expert experience, historical & market trends data to build Machine Learning Performance Monitoring Engine that tailored to many industry verticals.

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Intuitive User Experience

We fully understand digital marketing is massive & complicated. So we try at our very best effort to develop Kofera as an easy-to-use platform without requiring steep learning curve in using the platform. We made Kofera for everyone, so even a newbie can optimize a campaign like a pro!

Comprehensive Reporting

Easily monitor multiple account or campaigns from one screen with interactive data visualization & customizable metrics to bridge the gap between “vanity metrics” and truly actionable data. Measure any unique business metrics with built-in custom formulas that can fully integrate into your internal systems and tools.


Save time, money & start growing your advertising returns now!