The complex algorithms that Kofera has within its core require deep computation to process sthousands of campaigns. Fortunately, we have the few best data scientists in the country on our team.

Herlan Setiadi

Data Scientist

Dini Akmalia

Data Scientist

Khumaisa Nur'Aini

Data Scientist


Proven concept shall be supported with marvelous engineers to develop the flawless and reliable platform. Introducing the hall of famers of engineers in the team.

Ferry Ardhana

Head of Technology

Dadan Ramdan

Head of Product

M. Irfan Islami

Software Engineer

Elga Lesmana

Software Engineer


Our team consists of members that complement one another to mastermind the operational of Kofera. One thing the management team has in common is that all of the members have been in the industry for a respectable period of time.

Bachtiar Rifai

Chief Executive Officer

Billy Andrian

Chief Financial Officer

Ryan Haryadi

Head Of Operation

Gayuh Tri Satria

Head Of Marketing