Machine learning is use in various industry. According to Accenture & MIT research machine learning is used by most of enterprise and here the key takeaway from Accenture & MIT study:

  • 76% say they are targeting higher sales growth with machine learning
  • At least 40% of companies surveyed are already using machine learning to improve sales and marketing performance
  • 38% credited machine learning for improvements in sales performance metrics
  • Several European banks are increasing new product sales by 10% while reducing churn 20%

Machine Learning Application by Industry

  • Predictive maintenance or conditioning monitoring
  • Waranty reserve estimation
  • Propensity to buy
  • Demand forecasting
  • Process optimization
  • Telematics
  • Predictive inventory planning
  • Recommendation engines
  • Upsell and cross-channel marketing
  • Market Segmentation and targeting
  • Customer ROI and lifetime value
Healthcare & Life Science
  • Alerts and diagnistic from real-time patient data
  • Disease identification and risk stratification
  • Patient triage optimization
  • Proactive health management
  • Healthcare provider sentiment analysis
Travel & Hospitality
  • Aircraft scheduling
  • Dynamic pricing
  • Social media - consumer feedback and interaction analysis
  • Customer complaint resolution
  • Traffic patterns and congestion management
Financial Service
  • Risk analytics and regulation
  • Customer segmentation
  • Cross-selling and up-selling
  • Sales and marketing campaign management
  • Credit worthiness evaluation
Energy, Feedstock, & Utilities
  • Power usage analytics
  • Seismic data processing
  • Carbon emission and trading
  • Customer-specific pricing
  • Smart grid management
  • Energy demand and supply optimization

Data Source: Tata Consultancy Services, Using Big Data for Machine Learning Analytics in Manufacturing – TCS