Kofera’s Ad Builder technology enables to you build the best-practice campaigns with millions of keywords in a matter of a few simple clicks. Kofera does not only provide the huge quantity of ads but also high ad relevancy in no time. Kofera has prepared multiple verticals that suits accordingly for your business. Read more about Kofera's builder


Ever wonder how to efficiently optimize your campaigns? Kofera offers holistic machine learning algorithms so you do not need to optimize your campaigns manually with time consuming repetitive tasks. Plus, Kofera enables you to make handsome profits out of your campaign with our business centric KPIs setting.


Kofera’s analytics dashboard displays important data insights from your campaigns. You can now monitor and select the relevant performance data in your campaigns with customizable interface so you can construct the best strategies for your business!


  • Stock Monitoring

    Automatically monitor your stock level and pause the ads automatically when your product going out of stock

  • Landing Page Monitoring

    Monitor your landing page in near-realtime and automatically pause the ad when the landing page is error

  • Quality Score Monitoring

    By default Google isn’t saving historical QS data, thus it is difficult to justify the result of our optimisation based on the QS. Kofera make it super easy by storing QS data overtime

  • Position Monitoring

    Optimising position for huge campaign is painful. You can miss opportunity because your ad have low position. Kofera position monitoring make it easy for you to optimise position in big account that have many keywords

  • Search Term Monitoring

    What people actually search is sometime different with your target keywords. Thus you getting irrelevant traffic or sometime missed new keywords opportunities. In other hand, QC-ing people search term can be overwhelming task. Kofera it easy for you by providing “matching” score recommendation between your keywords and people search term. Its easy and scientifically proven.


Save time, money & start growing your advertising returns now!