Kofera Boosts 150% Conversion for Online Mall Qlapa
Within Just 2 Months

About Qlapa

Qlapa is an ecommerce that sell handmade products and handicrafts, jewelry, hanging ornaments, paintings, leather wallets, and other handmade products.

The Challenge

  • Bring more traffic to the right audience.


  • Increase current Conversion Rates (CR).

Kofera Platform Features Used

  • Kofera Campaign Builder for SEM.
  • Kofera Campaign Optimizer using Rule Based and Kofera Assistant.
  • Kofera Campaign Monitor.


  • 150% increase on Conversion Rates (CR) within 2 months.

As one of the niche ecommerce sites in Indonesia, Qlapa aims to provide handmade products, handicraft, furniture, jewelry, painting, leather-related products and many more. Qlapa’s unique business objective makes Qlapa has to selectively and carefully target the right audience with related interest to their products. It is more complex than other general online retailers or e-commerce who concern only on drive more traffic as many as they can.

“We had more complex challenge to bring traffic as many possible as we can as we have unique products and target specific audience. We also found it difficult to bring more conversion, since we aimed to increase conversion instead of just traffic. As our business starts to grow and we have more products to advertise, it made us impossible to do it in time with just the current team we had.” explained Benny Fajarai, the Founder & CEO of Qlapa.


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Qlapa tried to invest in the right strategy to drive better quality traffic by choosing the right keywords on Adwords and setting up optimal bidding strategy because only the right keyword with optimal bidding strategy would lead to conversion.

“I doubted Adwords would give us expected results after running campaign for several months. However, I found Kofera very helpful to define the best campaign structure and optimize our bidding strategy to ensure that we achieve highest conversion with optimum cost,” said Benny.

As one of Kofera specialties, Qlapa can now simplify and even automate their digital marketing campaign by simply setting up Machine Learning KPI to achieve maximum conversion. Qlapa now spends less time as they can leave the rest of the painful and time-consuming works to define campaign structure and optimize bidding to Kofera.

“It’s such a wonder that now we can increase our conversion by almost 150% in just 2 months.”
- Benny Fajarai, the Founder & CEO of Qlapa

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