Make the Most of Every Dollar Spent on Travel Industry, Kofera helps decrease 30% Cost per Booking at Mister Aladin

About Mister Aladin

Mister Aladin is an online travel companions that help people find hotel, villa and offer unique travel experience through its personalization adventure packages.

The Challenge

  • Build Adwords campaign on highly competitive travel industry.
  • Having more customer by maximizing current marketing budget.


  • Automating Adwords campaign with current budget & team resources.
  • Minimize Cost per Booking at optimum level.

Kofera Platform Features Used

  • Kofera Campaign Builder for SEM.
  • Kofera Campaign Optimizer using Rule Based and Kofera Assistant.
  • Kofera Campaign Monitor.


  • Booking is increased with current budget.
  • 30% decrease of Cost per Booking.

Mister Aladin is one of online travel companions to help people find hotel, villa and offer unique travel experience through its personalization adventure packages. In very competitive travel industry in Indonesia, Misteraladin is forced to formulate the right campaign strategy in running Adwords campaign. Or else, Mister Aladin will suffer from most travel industry related keywords which have expensive Cost per Click. At the beginning, Mister Aladin suffered from very expensive Cost per Acquisition or Cost per Booking due to ineffective management on their campaign.

“We went through difficult times trying to figure out how to increase efficiency by having moderate Cost per Booking without losing more conversion opportunity. It was time consuming manual optimization and the results were not as expected, because in fact we weren’t able to decrease Cost per Booking significantly,” said Teddy Pun, CEO of Mister Aladin.


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Mister Aladin realize that there should be an intelligent way in order to achieve efficient Cost per Booking. When they start to try and discover Kofera’s feature, an optimizer become bright side that answer their expectations. Kofera’s optimizer features bring a freedom for every industry KPI, including minimizing Cost per Conversion or in this case is Cost per Booking. Not only that, Mister Aladin also finds Kofera capable to simplify all the painful and time-consuming processes for all of Mister Aladin campaign goals. Now that Mister Aladin can optimize all their campaigns due to three kinds in optimization feature that Kofera has, which are rule-based, machine learning KPI and Kofera Assistant. By using rule based optimization, customers are able to achieve many performance metrics through specific comparators and operations when they first set up the campaign. On the other hands, if customers aim to achieve certain campaign goals, say reducing Cost per Conversion, Machine Learning KPI is a great feature for them. Last but not least, Kofera assistant is effortless general optimization assistant who intelligently automate performance metrics in order to achieve campaign goals.

This is it, Mister Aladin decrease 30% Cost per Booking and 80% time-spent on managing Adwords campaign with the helps of automatic optimization from Kofera.

“We’ve tried the old-fashion optimization many times in the past but failed. Now, we’re able to look forward to achieve efficient and effective campaign by having lower Cost per Booking. It’s such a pleasure to use Kofera, one and only genius marketing automation. We saw improvement on 2 major points in Adwords campaign, which are time-spent on managing adwords and Cost Per Acquisition that reduce by 80% and 30% respectively. Now, we can focus to grow our business and leave adwords campaign to Kofera to achieve highest ROI.”
- Teddy Pun, CEO of Mister Aladin

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