Kofera Helps LOKAmedia Stand Out Among 2 Millions Apps and Lowering Cost Per Install

About LOKAmedia

LOKAmedia is location-based business search that enables people to discover nearest product and services on desktop and even simpler on the mobile app.

The Challenge

  • LOKAmedia has to compete with more than 2 millions mobile apps in the leading app stores.
  • LOKAmedia only wants to target the right audience: the loyal customers who enjoy using their mobile app.


  • Attract more users to installs LOKAmedia mobile app.
  • Run lower Cost per Install (CPI) Campaign in Adwords.

Kofera Platform Features Used

  • Kofera Campaign Builder for Marketing Automation.
  • Kofera Campaign Optimizer to lower Cost per Install.


  • Cost per Install is successfully decreased while still gaining new users.

LOKAmedia aims to acquire users to install their mobile app since LOKAmedia develops the mobile app. However, it’s never been easy to stand out among more than 2 millions apps in the leading app stores and the unequal number of mobile users worldwide with the growth of mobile apps. Therefore, running Cost per Install (CPI) campaign is the most favorable option to acquire users. In order to run successful CPI campaign, it requires deep understanding of lifetime value of their best users, precision targeting and control of the acquisition costs.

“Running CPI campaign is very tricky, especially to ensure that we hit the right target audience and maximize our budget to get desirable results. We only want to target the right audience because we want loyal users who really enjoy our apps. On the other hand, we need to make the most of our budget by keeping Cost Per Install reasonably,” said William Henley, the CEO of Indosterling Group.


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In achieving their expected results, LOKAmedia finds Kofera very helpful in optimizing CPI campaign. LOKAmedia has decided to take advantages of Kofera expertise on marketing automation with its sophisticated Machine Learning algorithm. Kofera builder feature crawls many details in LOKAmedia website inventory to automatically define relevant ad copy, keyword and bring the right ad group target. In the optimization side, Machine Learning KPI has been set into minimum Cost per Conversion or in this case low Cost per Install.

“LOKAmedia enables people to search any nearest product and services. We have many campaign clues likes search for nearest private teacher, workshops, restaurant, etc. Kofera helps us automatically define relevant campaign keyword and adjust bidding strategy in order to minimize Cost per Install.”
- William Henley, CEO of Indosterling Group

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