How Build & Optimize AdWords Campaign 120x Faster Using Kofera Campaign Builder

About is an ecommerce established by joint-venture between the Indonesian biggest telecommunication company Telkom and U.S.-based giant ecommerce eBay.

The Challenge

  • Managing thousand adwords campaign for more than 500 million products.
  • Increasing campaign optimization and faster campaign management.


  • Build thousand adwords campaign to promote more than 500 million products.
  • Automating campaign optimization to achieve certain KPI.

Kofera Platform Features Used

  • Kofera Campaign Builder for SEM.
  • Kofera Campaign Optimizer using Machine Learning KPI.
  • Kofera Campaign Monitor.


  • 120x faster campaign building and optimization.
  • Increasing of productivity by spending less time on repetitive campaign tasks.

As one of the biggest marketplace in Indonesia that sells more than 500 million products, managing campaign is one of the biggest challenges facing by Having such huge inventories means it will take a lot of times to manage the campaign from the creation process, monitoring and optimization.

In this case, BLANJA experience big challenges on their Google Adwords campaign management. “We are spending more than 5 days to prepare and doing many repetitive task for monitoring and optimization” said Aditia Dermawan, Head of Digital Marketing at BLANJA.

One of the time consuming activity are manually define every campaign keyword research towards products and categories that will become part of campaign. Moreover, there are a lot of step that need to take like creating ad group, ad copywriting, etc. It was very painful to handle that task, even though has in-house digital marketing team.


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Since BLANJA use Kofera, it’s totally changes the way of creating, managing and optimizing campaign. Thanks to Kofera’s automated machine learning that makes those process easier than ever.Builder feature helps automating thousands campaign with millions products database. Kofera intelligently provides relevant keywords for any kinds of products being upload to platform.

Moreover, Kofera will automatically provides meaningful insight both for best & worst performing campaign. BLANJA advertisers also find useful insight from the Kofera’s analytics feature that showing the most important metrics for their campaign, so they can take necessary action based on the data.

In the optimization sides, previously BLANJA has to spend irregular time to check and manually improves process such as bidding strategy and cost allocation in order to meet campaign goals (revenue/transaction/ROI). Now BLANJA has less manual optimization and repetitive task due to Kofera’s Smart Algorithm inside optimizer features who provides rule based KPI. It working 24 hours and automatically tune every ads in order to meet campaign goals, so that BLANJA don’t need to worry and can spend time for another productive activity.

“We really delight to see that our campaign management process turns from more than 5 days into within hours using Kofera. Critical feature such as Builder, Optimizer and Analytics has make it happen.”
- Aditia Dermawan, Head of Digital Marketing at BLANJA

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